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Misser82yrsold   THE TUBE by Senor Tube

    Senor Tube's unique system is simplistic ...... core system uses 5 components 1-2-3-4-5

    EASY very simple to erect, easy Inventory control with only 5 items to count:


                      1- Base Rail     2- Legs     3- Corners     4- Rafters     5- Peak

     ArcoCompleto   ArcoInstalarUno   ArcoHombre1.9m              

                   Arco7mx2.2m   Arco7mx2.2m-1   Arco7mx2.2m-2 

                          THE CEE    by Senor Tube


        exErection1  exErection3   exErection6


                   exErectio12    exErection14    exErection11 

         Add a GARAGE or SHOP available in Tube or Cee Channel



more............ goto Senor Tube's Residential Page.

No, cloning is not a dirty word. 

Any plan you like plus add your specific modifications and always 

at the same modest pricing structure   



International Accounts use Skype: steelframekits         Payment: Lodged Letters of Credit/ Wire Transfer/ Cash/ PayPal

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